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Kale is still OK to eat!!

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There have been several articles and discussions the last few days about the metal, Thallium, in Kale, cabbage and other brassica. These veggies are good at extracting thallium from soil. So what to do about this? Eating Kale is good for you. High doses of thallium is not. So eat Kale, and not everyday in huge or concentrated (e.g juices)… Read more »

The Farmers Markets Are Open For Business!

It is a great time to start shopping at your local farmers market to get fresh produce and support local farmers. Here is a salad my son and I made last summer with tricolor beans, tricolor carrots, tricolor tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, and topped off with edible flowers. The more colorful, the better. Try this with a simple homemade dressing of… Read more »