“I am very hard on myself, but I never felt I failed in my efforts to lose weight because of Shelley’s support. She was consistently encouraging and creative in understanding what approach would help me the most. Although lifestyle changes are difficult to sustain, I believe I have been able to change permanently what’s in my shopping cart and my eating habits because of her. I feel better about myself because of her.”   — Client
“Shelley has been incredibly helpful over the past couple of years. She has worked off and on with my teenage daughter, and has taught her how to eat healthily without ever using the word diet. She is gentle in her approach yet she is honest and very knowledgeable in all things food related. She is very responsive to phone calls and emails, and tries very hard to always accommodate her client. I have and continue to refer people to Shelley.”  — Client
“Dr. Weinstock has been an enormous help to me and my health. After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, never keeping weight off for more than a few months, I lost 50+ pounds over a year and have kept it off easily. Dr. Weinstock gave me great advice on eating habits and nutrition, and importantly, guided me to an exercise regimen that was very helpful, never feeling burdensome. I can honestly say that being under Dr. Weinstock’s care has been a life changer for me.”  – Client