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Kale is still OK to eat!!

There have been several articles and discussions the last few days about the metal, Thallium, in Kale, cabbage and other brassica. These veggies are good at extracting thallium from soil. So what to do about this? Eating Kale is good for you. High doses of thallium is not. So eat Kale, and not everyday in huge or concentrated (e.g juices) portions. This is a good idea in general about most foods. Eat them as a part of diet filled with a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats if you choose, and some dairy to get all your nutrients and not too much of any one! This article in Mother Jones was the better one of the many I read today – and doesn’t aim to scare you out of eating Kale.

Mother Jones on Kale


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